Comparing our Christmas Preparations to Fountain Gate

I went to Fountain Gate the other day. It was busy! Every car park was taken, the lines at all the lunch places were three or four deep and the shops were full of people making preparations to celebrate the incarnation of Christ. Or maybe not! But at the very least the shops were certainly full of people being very busy!

Amongst all the bland northern-hemisphere themed decorations at Fountain Gate, each year they also display a nativity scene that gets wheeled out of storage for Christmas. It moves around a bit, some years I’ve spotted it near the cinema escalator, other years its upstairs near the market, and this year I think its upstairs in the corridor near Lowes. So at least one small part of Fountain Gate is celebrating Jesus’ birth!

But each year when I see this nativity scene, I’m always a bit stunned by it because it looks so out of place. It’s strange to see this largely ignored little nativity display celebrating the birth of Christ against the background all the ‘Christmas’ rush of Fountain Gate in December.

As we get closer to Christmas… don’t be like Fountain Gate, 99% focused on busyness, and 1% focused on Christ! If you are starting to feel a little stressed at the amount of things you need to do before Christmas Day, the way to a more peaceful Christmas is to simply focus more on Christ. The amount of stuff you have to do will still stay the same, but the peace and rest of God will enter into your Christmas preparations. And the best way to focus more on Christ is simply to send time with him each day through prayer and through reading the bible.

Try it!
Rev. Ben Soderlund

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