Entrusting yourself to the Just Judge

If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. I often find myself thinking, ‘if only I do this or that, plan this, go there for a year, work there for a time’ it will ‘fulfill’ me and my life will be satisfied, so to speak.

However, James in his epistle says, why do we make such foolish plans for ‘you do not even know what will happen tomorrow’ (James 4:14b). How sober are the words of this apostle. In my 3-year theology degree I never thought I would find my way to little old Berwick in 2016 to work for 12 months, shaping me for future ministry, but indeed God opened doors at just the right time only to close other ones behind me.

The door God opens for us in life often is the hardest one, the one we least expect, and the one regularly with some form of suffering, likely with some type of authority that requires submission to. And what’s worse, what do we do when that authority is sometimes unjust? The answer. To submit with grace, as Jesus did, entrusting ourselves to the Father, our just judge (1 Peter 2:23). For as Christians we live with hope, longing for the ‘Day’ of the Lord where his righteous judgement will reign in all its fullness.

What doors in 2017 will God open and close for you? Remember to be sensitive to the Spirit and allow God to direct you, even when you least expect it.

Every Blessing –
Peter Noble

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