Jerusalem’s Fountain Gate

This week we continue with our Nehemiah sermon series, and read that when inspecting the walls of Jerusalem Nehemiah ‘moved on towards the Fountain Gate’ (2:14). But did you know that the name of Casey’s Fountain Gate housing estate and shopping centre was possibly inspired by this ancient gate?

As our resident BAC historian Neil Lucas notes:

“From the 8th century BC a spring adjacent to the City of Jerusalem provided a water supply to the city through a conduit into a water storage facility known as the Pool of Siloam. The walls surrounding Jerusalem contained a number of gateways. The gate close to the Pool of Siloam was known as The Fountain Gate in recognition of the water flowing into the pool from the conduit.

Located to the east of Tinks Road, the Fountain Gate residential estate was developed and named during the 1960’s by developer and Jewish immigrant Isador Magid. The City of Jerusalem was dear to Magid’s heart and over his lifetime he donated significant funds to the University of Jerusalem to provide tertiary education to students of all faiths who, without his generosity, could not afford a tertiary education.

At the Tinks Road entrance to the estate from the Princes Highway, Magid constructed a large fountain designed by Robin Boyd and a large “Hollywood” style sign – ‘Fountain Gate’. At the opening of the estate the fountain was ceremonially turned on but much to the dismay of those in attendance, a torrent of water was blown over the adjacent Princes Highway causing some consternation to motorists. The fountain did not operate again! Later Magid purchased adjoining land to the east from farmer John Lloyd and obtained permission to develop the regional shopping centre, now known as Westfield Fountain Gate”

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