Jesus, the Greater Solomon

Thirteen teenagers and three youth leaders embarked on a journey to the Belgrave Heights Convention Centre to join over 500 people for the annual Victorian Christian Youth Convention (VCYC) on 18-20 May. Whilst there we heard from Vicar Ed Surrey that Solomon was the greatest King in the Old Testament. Yet despite his successes, he had many failures. We learned that Jesus is the greater Solomon, having many successes and no failures, and is the promised Messiah! Redemption and salvation can be found in King Jesus alone.

Our teenagers survived the cold rainy weather camping in tents and bonded together as a tight community. We were all encouraged by Ed to do three things: to give their worries to Jesus, ask Him for wisdom and submit our lives to Him. All were challenged and some of us submitted our lives to King Jesus for the first time!

Over camp our teenagers were challenged to be a part of church life, but through over 10 years in youth ministry I know this is easier said than done. I wonder if you have ever thought, ‘How do we keep youth in the church’? If five people know teenagers by name and talk with them weekly, they are more likely to feel like they belong. So let me encourage you, keep getting to know our youth and pray for them constantly. It can be very difficult for teenagers coming from such an encouraging weekend only to come back to church feeling unknown. By engaging with our teenagers weekly you are building Christ’s church!


Reece Kelly
Assistant Minister

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