Joy Flows From Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the great hallmarks of the Christian life. In particular we have the most amazing reason for gratitude – our sins have been forgiven through Jesus Christ.

This is the greatest thing that can happen to us – God has sent his Son to shed his blood to make full atonement for our wrongdoing. Our punishment is placed on Jesus and we are fully reconciled to God now and eternally.

Jesus once told a parable about two debtors (Luke 7:41-43 – NIV) – one has a small debt forgiven and one has a very large debt forgiven. Which one will be the most joyful? He said this to honour the joyful worship of a ‘sinful woman’ and to disrupt the proud grumbling of the Pharisees in Luke 7.

The best thing we can do to grow in joy is to grow in knowledge of our forgiveness through Jesus. The more we treasure the cross of Christ, the more we are thankful, and then the more our joy increases.

Have you thanked God today for forgiving your sins in Jesus? Do you thank him for the cross every day?

Your Pastor,

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