Worship and Mission at Easter

Our great task as a church is to continually announce the death and resurrection of Jesus. The power of God is revealed in this gospel, with transformative benefits both now and in eternity. At Easter we have a special opportunity where many of our friends are open to hearing about this great news!

Here are our Easter 2018 plans:

  • Thursday 29th March – Maundy Thursday Communion Service at 10am
  • Friday 30th March – Good Friday Services
    8:00am – Shorter reflective Good Friday service with hymns on the organ
    9:30am – All-age Good Friday celebration with a kids program
  • Sunday 1st April – Easter Sunday Celebrations
    8:30am – Traditional Communion Service
    10:15am – Contemporary Communion Service with Sunday School
    5:00pm – Contemporary Service with Sunday School and Easter Egg Hunt

As you read this please pray and ask –

  • When am I coming to worship God with my BAC family this Easter?
  • Who can I invite from my own friendship networks to hear the good news of eternal life?

Next week we will have some attractive colour flyer s you can take to invite friends or letterbox drop your neighbours.

In previous Easters we have seen people who have be come Christians through
attending for the first time. Please pray it would be so again this year!

Your Pastor

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Great Quotes on Perseverance

Many times in the book of Nehemiah we see the importance of perseverance and continuing to trust God in the face of difficulty, opposition and hard work. Here are some great quotes on the importance of Christian perseverance:

‘Christ ceaseth not to work by His intercession with God for us, and by His Spirit in us for God, whereby He upholds His saints, their graces, their comforts in life, without which they would run to ruin’ – William Gurnall.

‘Your life is short, your duties many, your assistance great, and your reward sure; therefore faint not, hold on and hold up, in ways of well-doing, and heaven shall make amends for all’ – Thomas Brooks.

‘If Christ has once possessed the affections, there is no dispossessing of him again. A fire in the heart overcomes all fires without’ – Richard Sibbes.

‘When we are foiled, let us believe we shall overcome; when we have fallen, let us believe we shall rise again. Jacob, after he received a blow which made him lame, yet would not give over wrestling (Genesis 32:25) till he had obtained the blessing. So let us never give up, but, in our thoughts knit the beginning, progress and end together, and then we shall see ourselves in heaven out of the reach of all enemies’ – Richard Sibbes.

Ben Soderlund
Assistant Minister

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Four Things to Do With the Bible

The reading and reflection of God’s Word the Bible always helps, sustains and blesses us. During the end of last year, I was always so encouraged when people wrote me a card with a Bible sentence or two written in it. What a gift of encouragement to bring a promise of God to our attention!

The Australian preacher Peter Adam writes: “If the Bible is not known, Christ is not known, and if Christ is not known, then God is not known.” – what can be more important than knowing God?

A classic Charles Spurgeon quote I love: “A Bible that is falling apart usually belongs to someone whose life is not.”

I was delighted by this new statement I just discovered from William Wilberforce, the great 19th century Church of England evangelical and campaigner against the slavery:

“There are four things that we ought to do with the Word of God – admit it as the Word of God, commit it to our hearts and minds, submit to it, and transmit it to the world.”

Can you remember the four?

Admit it – Commit it – Submit to it – Transmit it!

The person who is growing in God’s word, will be growing in Christ, growing in prayer and growing in mission. Let us do this together!

Your Pastor,

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Jerusalem’s Fountain Gate

This week we continue with our Nehemiah sermon series, and read that when inspecting the walls of Jerusalem Nehemiah ‘moved on towards the Fountain Gate’ (2:14). But did you know that the name of Casey’s Fountain Gate housing estate and shopping centre was possibly inspired by this ancient gate?

As our resident BAC historian Neil Lucas notes:

“From the 8th century BC a spring adjacent to the City of Jerusalem provided a water supply to the city through a conduit into a water storage facility known as the Pool of Siloam. The walls surrounding Jerusalem contained a number of gateways. The gate close to the Pool of Siloam was known as The Fountain Gate in recognition of the water flowing into the pool from the conduit.

Located to the east of Tinks Road, the Fountain Gate residential estate was developed and named during the 1960’s by developer and Jewish immigrant Isador Magid. The City of Jerusalem was dear to Magid’s heart and over his lifetime he donated significant funds to the University of Jerusalem to provide tertiary education to students of all faiths who, without his generosity, could not afford a tertiary education.

At the Tinks Road entrance to the estate from the Princes Highway, Magid constructed a large fountain designed by Robin Boyd and a large “Hollywood” style sign – ‘Fountain Gate’. At the opening of the estate the fountain was ceremonially turned on but much to the dismay of those in attendance, a torrent of water was blown over the adjacent Princes Highway causing some consternation to motorists. The fountain did not operate again! Later Magid purchased adjoining land to the east from farmer John Lloyd and obtained permission to develop the regional shopping centre, now known as Westfield Fountain Gate”

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“ O For a Heart to Praise My God”

“O For a Heart to Praise My God”
by Charles Wesley

O for a heart to praise my God,
a heart from sin set free,
a heart that always feels thy blood
so freely shed for me.

A heart resigned, submissive, meek,
my great Redeemer’s throne,
where only Christ is heard to speak,
where Jesus reigns alone.

A humble, lowly, contrite heart,
believing, true, and clean,
which neither life nor death can part
from Christ who dwells within.

A heart in every thought renewed
and full of love divine,
perfect and right and pure and good,
a copy, Lord, of thine.

Thy nature, gracious Lord, impart;
come quickly from above;
write thy new name upon my heart,
thy new, best name of Love.

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