What will be said about you?

Steven Covey, the author of The Seven Habits of a Highly Effective Person, suggests in his best-seller book that successful living is living according to the way we hope to be eulogised!

In other words, think of how you would like people to describe you at your funeral and then live that way. If you can consistently live out your preferred eulogy then you will be a success.

Although there is certainly something to be said for this little piece of wisdom, I would suggest that it is missing the point entirely.

We all want to be well-spoken of by others, but that is not nearly as important as what Jesus will say about us on the great Day of Judgement.

What Jesus will have to say about each one of us on Judgement Day will determine whether we share in the joy and bliss of eternal life in communion with our loving God or we share in the devastation and suffering of eternal death and separation from the loving God.

My earnest prayer is that when you face God in judgement Jesus will not say that you were a good person!

My sincere prayer is that when you face God in judgement Jesus will say that although you were not a good person you did trust in his death in your place and that you are therefore forgiven!

Your Pastor,

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Growth Groups Sunday 2012

Growth Groups are small discussion groups that meet in homes during the week. Most of them meet weekly and are very rewarding times of bible study, fellowship and prayerful support.  Food and friendship abound in Growth Groups!

The groups normally study material that is prepared by myself or Hilton that connects with the Sunday preaching series. In term 1 the Growth Groups will be studying Mark chapters 1-8 along with the sermons.

If you are not in a Growth Group currently please speak to Heather Barnes, Hilton or myself about what might be a good group to be in. We are especially trying to encourage our groups to have diversity – we want to nurture inter-generational fellowship and also get good mixes between the BAC congregations.

If you are curious you can pick up a printed copy of the discussion questions each week at church (or look on the web site). All groups are happy to have “visitors” and we understand that because of work or other commitments it is not always possible to be in attendance every week. May God bless this vital ministry in 2012!

Your Pastor,


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Celebrating Our BAC Kids Sunday School

Today we formally begin BAC Kids 2012 program for the coming year. We encourage children to enter into the next group level to match this years age at school. We are beginning a new Aussie curriculum from Youthworks (Anglican Diocese of Sydney) that is creative, age-appropriate and Biblical.

Please uphold the BAC Kids ministry in your prayers, with Pam Dean as the co-ordinator. Please pray for the teachers who prepare and teach faithfully.

Sunday school is a wonderful addition to the bible teaching, praying and discipling that God asks us to do in our homes. The Bible places the primary responsibility for Christian nurture onto parents. However regular weekly Church and Sunday School attendance build in our children a love for worship, Christian fellowship, and growth. Lifelong habits are instilled only if they are built on the foundation of committed constancy.

I commend BAC Kids and all our ministries to children and youth in our church to your prayerful support!

Your Pastor,



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What is a Church?

We cannot “go to church” because according to the Bible the church is not a brick-and-mortar building. We can, however, be a “church”.

The word most commonly used by the New Testament writers to refer to the church is the noun ekklesia, which simply means “gathering” or “assembly”.

A crowd of cricket spectators is a church – it is a gathering or assembly of people to watch a game of cricket.

A Christian church is a gathering or assembly of followers of Christ to hear from the Father through the Spirit-empowered proclamation of his Word – whether that is through the preaching, eating and drinking the Lord’s Supper, baptising, Bible reading, singing, praying, or conversing over ‘a cuppa’!

Your pastor,


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Summer for the Glory of God

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31

For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving” 1 Timothy 4:4

I love summer! I praise and glorify God for the gift of summer.

Every ray of warm light is a reflection of his inexhaustible radiance. The shade of every beautiful tree is a gift from the wisdom of his design. Every cool fizzy drink and ice-cream is an taste of the sweetness of his good character.

No earthly enjoyment is complete until received with thanksgiving to God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Praise and thanksgiving leads us to greater joys in God and deeper hunger to spend eternity with him.

Your Pastor,


I think we delight to praise what we enjoy because the praise not merely expresses but completes the enjoyment; it is its appointed consummation”, C. S. Lewis

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