A Glorious Creation Reminds Us of a More Glorious God

One of our “landmark” blessings at Berwick Anglican Church is our main meeting space which faces out onto such a beautiful garden and view. I personally love it and relish it.

Again and again visitors and regulars tell me how much they enjoy worshipping God in our church and how much the beautiful view contributes to the experience. If you enjoy it, feel free to contribute to the wonderful team of volunteers who help with maintaining our gardens and site!

As we spend the next few weeks looking at Genesis 1-3, the opening chapters of the Bible, we will meet the glorious God behind our glorious creation. This is the critical beginning to the four part story line of the whole Bible:

Creation → Fall → Redemption → Restoration

The universe did not begin fallen, but began as God’s good and perfect creation. The whole universe will be restored at the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. By looking back to creation, we will get a taste of the goodness and glory of God’s world that will be restored in the new heavens and the new earth that Jesus will bring.

Your Pastor,


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How Deep the Father’s Love For Us – Father’s Day 2011

One of the greatest gifts ever offered to us by Jesus is the opportunity to call God “Father”. God the Father sent his Son, to die in our place so that we can be adopted into God’s forever family.

Adoption is one of the great themes of the Bible. We are adopted unconditionally. The sacrifice of Jesus reveals the depth of the Father’s love toward us.

A Christian is someone, having handed over their life to Jesus, now seeks to live in a forgiven relationship with God as loving Father. Faith and repentance are the gateway to receiving God’s adoption.

Today is a great day to honour and express affection to our human fathers and to thank God for the fathers we miss deeply.

Happy Father’s Day!

Your Pastor,


For everything that Christ taught, everything that makes the New Testament new, and better than the Old, is summed up in the knowledge of the Fatherhood of God. ‘Father’ is the Christian name for God” J. I. Packer

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Peacemaking Principles – Responding to Conflict Biblically

In our church this week we have distributed a summary of Ken Sande’s “Peacemaking Principles”. We hope you will find it a helpful guide to Biblical conflict resolution.

Conflicts are inevitable because of who we are – but because of who God is we ought to accept them as an opportunity to grow in Christian faith. It is all too easy to fall into an escape response, such as denial, or to jump into an attack response.

All Christians are called to be peacemakers. In all situations we ask God to make us concerned primarily with glorifying Him, with getting the log out of our own eye, with gentle restoring of others, and with pursuing reconciliation.

To dig deeper in this area, I recommend Ken Sande’s book “The Peacemaker”, which is available on the church bookstall. We are looking for passionate people who want to develop their skills in biblical peacemaking and become part of an ongoing BAC peace-making ministry. If you missed out on doing the DVD course in Growth Groups, let us know if you would like to participate at another time.

What compels us is the peace won by Jesus Christ on the cross. We are reconciled to God! Christ’s love drives us to pursue reconciliation with each other.

Your Pastor,


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