Pray for the Global Anglican Future Conference

This week the third Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) is being held in Jerusalem, Israel. GAFCON will bring together some 2,000 Anglican leaders from 50 counties all over the world. BAC Ministers Ben Soderlund and Hugh Prentice are among the Australian delegates.

GAFCON is a reform movement within the worldwide fellowship of Anglican Churches. It represents approximately 50 million of the world’s 70 million church-going Anglican Christians. GAFCON begun as a response to the slide away from biblical authority that has occurred in some parts of the Anglican Communion, as the church faces pressure from aggressive secularism and revisionist groups, determined to ‘revise’ God’s revealed will in Scripture.

Therefore GAFCON works to protect and restore the Anglican commitment to biblical truth. It is a movement of Anglicans committed to guarding the truth of the Gospel by challenging the error of false teaching particularly on issues where salvation is at stake. But it is also an outward focused movement determined to spread the good news of Jesus Christ! GAFCON is committed to fulfilling the Great Commission to all nations by ensuring the size, strength, experience and world-wide Anglican Communion continues to be a powerful and faithful agent for global gospel mission.

Please pray for the conference this week! Please give thanks that the GAFCON movement is flourishing and helping to establish new Churches around the world. Please pray that God would make clear his will for GAFCON and the Anglican Communion.

Rev. Ben Soderlund

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