Preaching reminds us of the great things of God

Now that I’ve been at Berwick Anglican for over a year, it is becoming clearer and clearer to me that one of things I most appreciate about our Church is its sound preaching ministry. Do you know what a wonderful privilege it is to have God’s Word proclaimed and applied to us, week by week, through the ministry of preaching? God uses preaching to remind us of the great things of him and his salvation so that we might together truly have their benefit in our lives.

As the great theologian Jonathan Edwards said of preaching: ‘God has appointed a particular and lively application of his word, in the preaching of it, as a fit means to affect sinners with the importance of religion, their own misery, the necessity of a remedy, and the glory and sufficiency of a remedy provided; to stir up the pure minds of the saints, quicken their affections by often bringing the great things of religion to their remembrance, and setting them in their proper colors, though they know them, and have been fully instructed in them already’.

May we ever be a Church that honours God’s Word and the work of preaching! I look forward to great things that God will teach us and remind us of through our sitting together under sound preaching in 2017.

Ben Soderlund
Assistant Minister

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