Rebuilding with Readiness

Over summer we have been blessed with sermons on the theme of rest. It could not have come at a better time for us here at BAC. I pray that your summer has indeed been restful.

Over the next few months we will be embedded in the book of Nehemiah, a period in Israel’s history of seeking for restoration in a time of tragedy. I’m reminded from Nehemiah 4 that as the builders were rebuilding they did so with building materials in one hand, but a sword in the other. This speaks volumes of how we as a church ought to be longing for God’s promises to be fulfilled, but will need to do so with our spiritual sword in hand.

The sword of the Spirit, which Ephesians 6 tells us is the word of God, is our weapon. Yes, we are seeking rest and restoration, but we do so by meditating on God’s Word, being ready to give an answer for the hope we have. And like Nehemiah, we ought to pray for God’s promises to come to fruition.

So friends, would you pray passionately for –

  • Our four church congregations, that we grow strong together in the grace of the Lord Jesus.
  • Our vicar Wayne, that as he returns he too will be continually restored to full health daily.
  • Our friends, family and work colleagues, that we will be prayerful and courageous to unashamedly speak the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ with them in love and faith.

For the kingdom,
Reece Kelly
Assistant Minister

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