The Apostle’s Creed

Bishop Paul Barker is visiting BAC soon… and traditionally young people have prepared to meet the Bishop in confirmation class where they memorise and learn to explain three key Christian documents; the Ten Commandments, the Apostle’s Creed and the Lord’s Prayer. We thought it would be good for all of us to have a refresh – continuing this week with the Apostle’s Creed.

What is a Creed?
A creed is a statement of faith. The word ‘creed’ comes from the Latin credo, which means ‘I believe’. Creeds are meant to declare and safeguard God’s truth that is revealed in the Bible about himself, us, and creation.

Why is the Apostles’ Creed important?
The Apostles’ Creed states the essential beliefs of the Christian faith in a simple and concise way. It summarises what the Bible teaches about who God is and what he has done for us in Jesus Christ. It has become the declaration of faith that is used at our baptisms.

What does the Creed mean when we call Jesus ‘Lord’?
When we call Jesus Lord we acknowledge his authority as King of the world, the church, society and over every aspect of our lives. In calling Jesus Lord we submit our whole lives to him and seek to live every part of our lives for his praise, glory and honour.

Why does the Creed say that Jesus died and rose again?
These are two of the most important events in history! Jesus died a real, bodily death because of our sin. He really was dead from the first till third day, not simply resuscitated after a few hours. And Jesus was restored completely from death to life, never to die again.

Why does the Creed call the Church ‘catholic’? (I thought we were Anglican!)
Although the word ‘catholic’ is often recognised with the Roman Catholic Church, this is not where the word originally belongs. The word ‘catholic’ means universal. So the church is catholic because all churches are universally connected as a body of believers. So an Anglican Church is ‘catholic’, because it is part of the universal church of Jesus Christ.

Ben Soderlund – Assistant Minister

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