The Best Christmas Present

It’s one week and one day to Christmas Day. So it’s got me thinking about presents. There are four things that make the best Christmas presents:

  1. The best presents are a great surprise Don’t you just love surprises! At the first Christmas, God really surprised people when he gave the gift of his Son Jesus to be God’s king and to bring people to be friends with God. God surprised Mary. He certainly surprised Joseph! And he surprised the shepherds and especially king Herod.
  2. The best presents come free! You don’t need to work for them. But you do have to do something with them? The first Christmas, God gave Jesus to the world completely for free. No-one has to earn being friends with Jesus. But we need to do something with God’s gift of Jesus. We have to follow and trust him.
  3. The best presents are those you want to share with others.
    One Christmas I got a skateboard. It was great! Part of the fun was to share it with friends in the street. When God gave the world the gift of Jesus, he never intended for us to keep Jesus all to ourselves. He wants us to share his amazing gift with other people.
  4. The best presents are given by those who love us a lot. The presents we get from family members are often special, because we know how much they love us. God’s gift of Jesus tells us that he loves the world and wants all people to be friends with God through trusting Jesus.

Have a joyous Christmas as we remember God’s amazing gift of Jesus!
Rev’d Jason Hobba – 5pm Congregation Member

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