The Inconvenience of Christian Life

All the surveys of public opinion said the same thing: the vast majority of Australians agreed it was good idea to ban single-use plastic bags from our supermarkets. It’s a great reform! A no-brainer if you will. Getting rid of plastic bags removes a major source of pollution for relatively little economic cost. Of course we want it happen! Get on with it supermarkets!

But then it happened. And both in store and on social media people have been… outraged! Thoughts of the environment have quickly faded.

  • Its such an inconvenience!
  • Its too hard to bring our own bags to the supermarket!
  • How dare they make me do it!
  • Who do they think they are!

What is a good idea in our minds, can be easily transformed into an outrage in our hearts, if its implementation dares to challenge one of the major idols of our age: convenience.

In a self-centred culture like ours, we feel entitled to have our preferences and our needs and our desires at the centre of all activity. And even small challenges to that can cause outrage – which is what we have seen at check-outs around the nation this week.

Beware of the sinful heart that grumbles at minor inconveniences, especially inconveniences caused by good changes! Christian discipleship is often inconvenient. After-all, we follow a crucified Lord who tells us to pick up our crosses and follow him. And in a growing and changing Church like ours that seeks to grow and change even further for the gospel, sometimes we will face inconvenience. But when we do, let it be an opportunity to put aside our own interests and instead come together in grace for the benefit of Church and the gospel.

Ben Soderlund

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