We will proclaim, Christ to the nations!

This week I have been praying for the Global Anglican Futures Conference (GAFCON) in Jerusalem. Lee Gatiss, the director of the UK church society, has called this week the biggest ever international gathering of Anglicans. There are over 2000 people, about half clergy and half lay leaders, from all across the world representing the majority of Anglican churches.

The theme of the conference is “Proclaiming Christ Faithfully to the Nations.” You listen or watch the talks by going to online, or just searching on Google.

There are many Archbishops at the conference, including Archbishop Okoh from Nigeria who said that the GAFCON movement has “has served to awaken the sleeping giant of orthodox Anglicanism around the world.”

Please be praying for Anglican churches to stand strong on our heritage of the authority of the Bible and salvation through Jesus Christ alone. Please pray that momentum would increase for global evangelisation and courageous godly orthodox leadership to lead the way across
Anglican churches and provinces.

I am proud that BAC is represented by Ben at this most significant missions event in Jerusalem. May we play our part in defending the historic Christian faith and proclaiming Christ to our corner of the globe.

Your Pastor,

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