What I am Thankful for this Christmas

Working with the youth at this church is a blessing. It is a blessing because I am privileged to walk with them, share in their joys and sorrows, and help them in their faith journeys to walk with and be like the Lord Jesus. Unfortunately churches lose youth very easily, with
Australian statistics showing seven out of ten 11 year old children no longer attend church by the age of 18. Our youth can easily get lost, and Berwick Anglican Church is no exception to this unfortunate statistic.

So as we move into the Christmas season I want to share with you the encouragement that our youth are to this church, and how thankful I am to God that Jesus is clearly working in their lives, creating in them a desire to pursue him, and to be a part of the church through
acts of service.

We have seen God at work in a personal way through one baptism and two confirmations this year. Our youth are also desiring to be a part of this church through using their gifts of service in our Sunday gatherings through public bible readings, music, Sunday School, and sound desk and data. God has been stirring their hearts to mission with the initiative of a trivia night given with the hope of raising money for the gospel to be shared overseas. We had a very successful and fun night in September, raising almost $500 for Bush Church Aid.

So friends I encourage you to praise God for the youth in this church! I also challenge you to take time to know them. Really get to know them, get alongside them, teach them to love Jesus, and help them be a part of the body of Christ.

For His glory,
Reece Kelly – Assistant Minister

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